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About Ping It To

Ping It To allows you to send URLs between a mobile and desktop device using QR codes. There is no need for an account and no unnecessary bells and whistles.

We also include useful features including a search bar and clock, and also a stunning background image so Ping It To can function as a great start page/new tab page replacement.

About the Creator

Hi, I'm Alistair Shepherd, a frontend web developer from the Highlands of Scotland and currently living in Edinburgh.

I built Ping It To as I have used similar QR-based URL sharing solutions for a couple of years and none have been quite what I wanted from them. Between them they suffered from reliability problems, lack of SSL security, slow load times, poor apps and also required a fair chunk of userscripts and userstyles to look good enough to be my start page.

Ping It To aims to fix all of those problems.